3 Unusual Sales Methods Your Competitors Are Applying

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4 years ago

Many methods can help you achieve your goal of selling more products. However, only a few of them are unique enough to catch the attention of a demanding customer.

It seems that whenever someone states the sales process has already been solved, people equipped with fresh ideas arrive to fight these claims. What is truly fascinating is that they often succeed in their task.

In our world, things are constantly changing. As it turns out, the sales techniques are not an exception to this rule. So, what can you do not to fall behind?

We are here to answer this question for you! In this article, you will find examples of excellent sales methods that your competitors are already using. Get ready to equip yourself with some knowledge, and start growing your business today.

Being Honest

Honesty is good. Make sure to remember that next time you pitch some product to your clients. After all, we like to hear the truth, no matter how awful it is.

Many NLP courses for Sales Professionals are recommending being more open to the buyer. For example, experts from inlpcenter.org clearly state that you can close more deals with customers by communicating more directly with them.

Additionally, you can gain your customers’ attention with a quick reality check they did not expect. You are bound to turn heads with some surprising statements.

Moreover, all customers want to know if the product is worth its value. If you fail to inform them about some cons it possesses, you can be sure that they will not trust you in the future.

Being honest is a much more beneficial long-term strategy than blindly praising some brand-new product. Make sure to tell your clients everything they have to know to make a reasonable choice, and your sales should improve over time.

SPIN Selling

This technique is all about asking the right questions. This way, you can stand back as your clients will sell products to themselves!

SPIN is an acronym for Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-Payoff. All of these terms label a unique set of questions that you are going to ask your customers.

Situation questions revolve around your clients’ needs. A good question from this group might be: “If you could change one thing about your company, what would it be?” Try to deduct in which area each customer needs help and how you can lend them a hand.

Problem questions are there to make your customers aware that something needs fixing in their companies or personal lives. Do not look for a solution at this stage. Instead, focus on showing your client that they could use your help.

After establishing what problem your customer is facing, now is the time to proceed with implication questions. Their primary goal is to show how bad things can become if nobody will address the problem.

Finally, need-payoff questions are focused on delivering the best solution for the predicament at hand. Let the buyer specify the benefits themselves. In this way, you will communicate with your customers more successfully and yield better sales results.


Telling stories is a powerful tool. For example, even a short story can help us memorize a long list of unrelated words. If this research-based technique is so successful, why not use it in the marketing business?

Try to add storytelling to the list of the techniques you are using. Do not be afraid to create vivid imagery to present the service you are trying to sell in different ways than usual. In this manner, you can create a unique selling proposition.

Additionally, make your customer a hero of the story. By assigning the role of the protagonist to your clients, you show them their value. After all, they get to decide what is the best way to approach the problem. Remember, a hero is always the one to call the shots.

Thanks to this method, more than a few salespeople managed to improve customer service and made lucrative deals. Learn to use it right, and you might feel a similar impact yourself.


Many businesses want to bring in new customers by following well-known marketing techniques. They try to be as active as possible on social media, look for the selling prospects via the telephone, etc. These sales methods work well for a lot of businesses.

Nonetheless, other, original approaches may be more effective in that regard for you. Leave sending standard marketing messages behind, and prepare a new selling proposition based on this article’s information.

Usually, what makes the selling process work is the personal connection with your prospects. If people like you, you can soon become one of the most effective salespeople on the market.

By using our techniques, you will beat your competition with ease. Remember, salespeople who bring value to their business are valuable themselves. Best of luck!

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