4 Small Businesses You Can Run From a Self Storage Unit

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2 years ago

Running a small business out of your home or office is an admirable goal, but when you own your own office space, being present at the location can be difficult.

Luckily, there are other options for small businesses today.

What are the benefits of running a business from a self-storage unit?

It’s easy: there is no rent, building costs, or other overhead expenses. Plus, most people don’t realize just how much space is available in these units and what kinds of potential businesses they can host there! The 4 businesses below are just some examples. Chances are good that there is something in your area that would be perfect for this model.

You’ll want to find the right space for your operation and then follow this step to get started:

Find the right spot. Choose a unit that has ample space and has easy access — preferably one close by with public parking nearby. Consider what type of traffic would be going in and out as well (depending on what kind of business you’re running).

Self Storage Units are perfect for those who are DIY-minded or have trouble affording rent space. You may rent out your own storage space from sites like Selfstorageunits.io and turn it into a profitable business that offers high-quality personalized service to your customers. The initial investment is surprisingly affordable, so take advantage of this opportunity to start up on the cheap.

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a small business from your self-storage unit, this blog post is for you! Check out these four businesses which can be run from the most basic items in a storage unit.

1. Rent Space Out to Travelers

During the summer, you can rent space to travellers. Imagine how nice it would be to spend some time in a tropical paradise without having to make the long journey!

Most people don’t store extra inventory in their garage or attic, but they might have an old dresser or bulky furniture that they would like to make some cash off of. If you’ve got a room or two in your self-storage unit, then rent it out for a few months at a time.

You’ll get income from both guests and the storage space itself. It’s also cheaper than renting storage units for shorter periods because you won’t have to worry about paying for electricity, water, gas, and other utility costs from month to month.

Additional Resource: To learn about Garage Storage Shelves, click here

2. Design Studio and Workshop

We believe you can never have too many design ideas. We also believe that ideas are useless unless they are implemented, and we are guilty of spending all day long coming up with new ones. All this, and no clients to pay? It’s time to get organized. Check out Design Studio on Etsy where you can hire cool people into your self-storage unit.

If you have a workspace at your self-storage unit, you can use it by yourself or rent it out to other professionals. If you like to work with your hands, then offer up your workshop to other people who are looking for an open space where they can paint, create furniture, or even just work on their cars. This way, you’ll get paid whether they use the space or not.

3. Website and App Creation Studio

Rent self-storage units from trustworthy sites and start your website design and app creation studio. Keep everything you need in one place, without paying for pricey office space or overpriced internet.

The self-storage space of your dreams. If you’re a programmer and want to make some side cash on the side, then start renting out a small room in your self-storage facility as a creator’s studio for budding entrepreneurs who want a cheap place to write and code their new website or app.

4. Thrift Store

If you are fed up with the corporate rat race and have acquired a near-bottomless store of your outdated clothes, home goods, and furniture to get rid of, then why not start a thrift store? You can rechristen it as your way of “going green.” And, if all else fails, at least you’ll be able to say that you made some money from all that stuff taking up space in your storage unit!

Are there any other businesses near your self-storage unit? Why not open a thrift store that is close by? That way, people who want or need that service will be able to find you! You’ll be able to take care of all sorts of clients with this service. You might just find that people trust your business more because they know it’s convenient for them and their needs.

You can buy or sell items that you no longer need or use, but find fun. Let it be known you’re doing good while making money. Own a business and make your hours to best suit your lifestyle.


In conclusion, you can rent a self-storage unit from Selfstorageunits.io and then run a business out of self-storage that’s legal, profitable, and takes up minimal space. So if you’re tired of wasting your life away at a job you hate with people who don’t appreciate what you do, get creative! Once you’re living in your storage unit and making your hours, every day will feel like Friday.

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