5 Benefits of Pregnancy Coverage under Health Insurance

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2 years ago

Motherhood is one of the most blissful phases of life. To make the best of this period, it is essential that you invest in health insurance that covers maternity expenses. It gives you access to the best medical facilities when it’s time for the baby to arrive. Also, you can bring the new life home hassle-free without worrying about the expenses. In short, pregnancy insurance is your key to the best medical care without draining your savings. What’s more? It covers both standard and cesarean delivery procedures and takes care of all hospitalization charges end-to-end.

Now that you know the importance of pregnancy coverage under health insurance, it is time to look briefly at a few main benefits of the plan.

In-Patient Care and Cashless Hospitalization

Pregnancy cover takes care of all charges related to in-patient care. Everything from nursing, room rent, and doctor consultations to diagnostic procedures, surgeon’s fees, and medicines are covered so that you don’t have to spend anything. Additionally, you get the benefit of cashless hospitalization across network hospitals, so worrying about the hospital bills is the last thing on your mind.

Access to the Top Hospitals

Having pregnancy health insurance provides access to some of the top network hospitals in the country. It helps you access quality medical care, immediate treatment, and the best healthcare facilities. That’s why it is important to have a maternity cover that offers a cashless hospitalization facility at premium hospitals.

Coverage for the Baby

Your newborn is covered from day one under the policy. Most other plans require the baby to be at least 90 days old before offering coverage, but pregnancy coverage health insurance doesn’t come with such limitations. So, your child is protected from the moment it is born.

Easy Claim Process and Settlement

With a reputed insurance service provider, you can guarantee a robust claims process team, making your insurance claim hassle-free and quick. Moreover, a reputed service provider has a high Claim Settlement Ratio translating to better financial support when most needed.

Gives You Financial Freedom to Plan Better

Since pregnancy insurance takes care of most of the hospitalization expenses, you don’t need to worry about hospital bills. This leaves you free to plan for other important things that the baby would need initially. With all that money saved on hospital bills, you can do so much more for both the mother and child. Plus, you can also grow your savings.

Invest in the Right Pregnancy Health Insurance

As you are now aware of what pregnancy insurance is & its benefits, it is crucial that you invest in the right one. One of the leading pregnancy insurance providers, Care Health Insurance, offers comprehensive pregnancy coverage with its health insurance plans. The coverage includes room rent, nursing charges, doctor’s fees, diagnostic procedures, medicines, etc. Moreover, they are industry leaders when it comes to Claim Settlement Ratio, with a CSR of 95.2%. Their efficient claims process team makes filing and claiming insurance cover easy and stress-free. Added to all this, they have networked with more than 19000 cashless healthcare providers all over the country, so you get access to the best in healthcare, no matter where you are.

So, secure your journey to motherhood with the right pregnancy insurance to avoid any financial stress while nurturing the baby.

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