5 Best LMS Software for Franchise/ Dealer Training

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3 years ago

The franchise training is important to represent the brand value with the franchisor. In short, it allows all the team members to be on the same page and work towards the same goal.

This laser-focused view will make the franchise a success.

How to carry forward franchise training specifically?

Using LMS software, transform your vision to all the team members effectively by creating goal-oriented training.

Here are the five best LMS software that aids in franchise or dealer training.

1. Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime works on the principle of learner-focused approach. To introduce anything new to your franchisees, it has various modes like PPT, videos, gamification.

With this next-gen LMS software, you can reduce the franchisees’ skill gaps, thus nurturing your learner ecosystem for better tomorrow, the website ergonotes says.

Over millions of learners have chosen this LMS to shine in their industry.

Unique features of Adobe Captivate Prime are

  1. AI-based social learning platform to engage with fellow learners.
  2. Asynchronous learning for learners to learn at their own pace.
  3. Ready-made themes to create your custom courses.
  4. Assignments engine to pump up the training process.
  5. Enterprise apps integration such as Zoom, Slack, and LinkedIn.

2. Techademy

Techademy caters the end-to-end training requirements with its array of tools like Sandbox labs, adaptive assessments and 1000+ digital content.

Why is this LMS software best for franchise training?

It has an objective-driven execution format to produce content for the learner’s preference and ensure it works or not with constant analysis and evaluation.

Unique features of Techademy are

  1. Mentor-guidance to help the learner in the learning process & get insights into the industry.
  2. Learning Dropoffs parameters to measure the learners’ journey.
  3. Measure-Manage-Merit system to provide a holistic learning experience.
  4. Two types of due dates to ensure the learners’ are consistent.
  5. A genuine grading report system for analyzing learners’ performance.

3. uQualio

Video is the trending marketing and learning tool to drive your franchisees’ attention within 10 seconds.

uQualio better understands this scenario and focuses on delivering video-based courses to their customers.

It’s behaviour focused learning app and is perfect for your dealer training on product, marketing, sales and customers acquisition.

Unique features of uQualio are

  1. Select-upload-publish your course content with its seamless integration.
  2. Three different solutions: Standard, White label, embedded to cater to your business needs.
  3. Upload Bite-sized videos to large chunk videos.
  4. Cloud-based app to help learners access courses anywhere and anytime.
  5. Repurpose content features to transfer your videos into PPTs and vice versa.

4. Thinkific

Whether you’re handling 10 franchisees or 100 franchisees, Thinkific got the easiest technology to accommodate all simultaneously.

With this LMS software, you can create, market, sell and deliver to the larger audience.

Additionally, you get to know what your learners prefer from their intuitive feedback.

Unique features of Thinkific are

  1. Customize and create new courses from time to time.
  2. Three types of learning formats: Blended, synchronous, Asynchronous.
  3. Quizzes, surveys, narrated Slideshows and much more.
  4. Site builder to add and edit page sections effectively.
  5. Customizable payment plan for your audience.

5. Learnbook

WordPress LMS are an easy and convenient option to build your course. That’s exactly Learnbook does!

It catches up the latest elearning trends and presents it to the course creators for an affordable price.

It has an analytical plugin to identify at-risk learners, course activity trends and individual development needs.

Unique features of Learnbook are

  1. Learning materials storage chamber to access it even offline
  2. Free mobile app to learn on the go.
  3. Integrates with Salesforce, student directories, Active Directory and much more.
  4. Visual, intuitive dashboard to communicate with course administrators.
  5. Collaboration via text with fellow learners.

Final Thoughts

All the above mentioned LMS systems specifically help you to support your franchisee training. To get more precise detail on it, you can go for a free trial of this software.

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