5 Head-On Car Accident Causes That Modern Drivers Should Know

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10 months ago

Car accidents happen often, and they have many causes. You should also know about the various kinds. You might have a T-bone accident, a rear-end collision, or a head-on crash.

Predominant causes of head-on traffic accidents can vary, but when they happen, they can devastate drivers. If you are traveling fast, you can die that way, or you can sustain devastating injuries.

You can never stay 100% safe on the road since other motorists can endanger you even if you’re the world’s best driver. If you know about some frequent car accident causes, you can sometimes avoid them, though. We’ll discuss some common head-on car wreck causes in the following article.

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Faulty Traffic Lights

Sometimes, a driver causes a head-on collision through their poor driving behavior. Other times, faulty traffic lights can cause them.

You might have a situation sometimes where cars approach an intersection, and one traffic light doesn’t work, or perhaps several don’t work at once. That’s a dangerous scenario, particularly if the drivers approaching the intersection don’t realize what’s happening till it’s too late.

If you approach a four-way intersection and the traffic lights don’t work, you should stop and see whether other cars have the same issue. If all the lights at that intersection go dead at once, each driver must take their turn one at a time. When it’s your turn, you should go slowly and cautiously.

Don’t speed through the intersection, just in case someone else decides they’re going right then. If that happens, they might hit you, or you may hit them with serious force.

Drugs and Alcohol

If someone ingests drugs or alcohol before they drive, they will likely make poor decisions. They can even pass out at the wheel. They may not acknowledge red lights, stop signs, one-way signs, and other signals or signs around them.

You should never ingest drugs or drink alcohol before driving, but you can’t control another individual’s actions. You can simply hope that you don’t ever encounter a drunk driver or someone on drugs who’s driving.

If you do, they might cause a head-to-head collision. Head-on wrecks with drunk drivers or anyone on drugs can change your life instantly, and not for the better.

Distracted Driving

Sometimes, distractions cause head-on car wrecks. You might have someone checking their email on their phone while driving, calling someone, or texting a friend or family member. Maybe you have someone eating food, daydreaming, or conversing with others in the car.

Distractions might cause a poor driving decision, and that can cause a head-on collision. If that happens, you can fault the other driver, but that won’t help much if they seriously injure you. You can avoid at least avoid letting anything distract you as a driver, though.

Don’t use your smartphone while driving, and don’t eat or drink while behind the wheel. You should also avoid letting billboards, pedestrians, or passengers in your car distract you.  

Running Red Lights

A driver might run a red light and cause a head-to-head collision. Often, this happens when someone speeds up, thinking they can make the light, but they don’t clear the intersection before someone else goes. Rather than the two cars striking head-to-head directly, one comes from the side. This can cause either a head-to-head or a T-bone accident, depending on where the impact occurs.

Running red lights isn’t safe, and you should slow down when a light turns yellow rather than speeding up. If you can clear the intersection before the light turns red, you can go. Otherwise, you must stop.  

Inexperienced Drivers

Sometimes, inexperienced drivers cause head-on collisions. You might have a teenager who just got their license. You may also encounter an older motorist, but they don’t drive often.

Either way, an inexperienced driver can make a costly mistake. Usually, if they cause a head-on collision, it’s because they miss a street sign and go up a one-way street facing the wrong way. They may also go up an exit ramp when there’s another car getting off the highway.

If both cars have built up speed, you can see horrific crashes this way. Someone without much driving experience can kill or injure someone else or themselves if they miss a street sign. They may also cause an accident like this in an unfamiliar city if they’re traveling.

You must avoid head-on collisions however you can and hope you never encounter someone who makes one of these costly mistakes.

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