7 Social Media Engagement Tactics to Boost Engagement

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If you are an avid user of social media, you would know that excellent content is not the solution to boosting engagement. An engaged audience means social media platforms prefer your content and push it further. There is no magic tool or tip to make your audience engage and bring in more traffic. However, certain engagement tactics can help you get the engagement your content deserves. Most people commonly buy Twitter followers or other engagement packages to do so. In the following article, we will list some other tactics to help you bring in engagement.

Behind-the-Scenes and Glimpses of Your Team

Behind-the-Scenes videos and team glimpses help showcase how diverse your team is. Moreover, behind-the-scenes help showcase the work involved in creating products, services, or content for your audience. This helps people see the efforts made and humanizes the brands. Thus, it becomes easier to forge connections and approach more people. You could do a Q&A series with your team members, talking about their preferences and dreams. It highly increases the chances of revealing your team’s personalities and might help your audience relate. Another great idea is to go live with a team member each day and allow them to reveal their jobs and experience.

Share Video Content

Around 82% of Twitter users watch videos, while Instagram is highly benefitting from Instagram Reels and IGTV. Video posts are a fun way of sharing content engagingly without overbearing the viewer. We have a well-guarded tip to ensure that your videos reach your target audience. Want to know what it is? Well, you could use the best sites to buy Twitter Followers, views, and other engagement packages to get the initial boost. Some fun video content ideas are – Product Demos, Customer Testimonials, and Company Culture. Make sure to stay within the time limit and do not make videos that are too long. Another tip is to prefer posting Instagram Reels to long-form videos.

Put Out Stories and Ads

Instagram Stories are a great way to post slow reveals, countdowns, and polls to help create hype around your new products and services. You could also use the ‘Ask me a Question’ stickers and polls to understand your audience preferences. It will make your followers feel valued and make an impact by grasping their attention. You can also buy Twitter followers, story views, post comments, and other engagement services from third-party sites for better social media metrics.

Create Content Specific to your Target Audience

You do not always need to create content to post on social media and gain engagement. You could easily repost relevant content by other creators on your account. However, make sure that you provide the due credit to avoid negative publicity. Some great examples of curated content are:-

  • Customer testimonials and reviews that are posted on your website, app store, or other platforms.
  • Posts talking about the problem you solve in detail, with the caption revealing how your product/service is the key to eliminating it.
  • Influencers or customers endorsing your brand products or services.
  • News articles, blog posts, and write-ups from the industry leaders or those talking about your brand.

Responsive Customer Support Team

Social media changes quickly and updates even when you are not online. Quick responses and solutions help make the difference between making the brand’s image customer-oriented or negligent. Most brands have a huge support team, which is why most people expect quick responses or solutions. According to recently published statistics, over 54% of people view brands that respond quickly to customer questions as more favorable.

Use Multi-Platform Marketing

You can post the same content on several social media platforms to ensure that the content reaches more people. However, make sure that the format, captions, and accompanying media content is suitable for the platform-specific audience. For example, professional content is suitable for LinkedIn, but the same content might fail on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. You can refer to your content engagement metrics and experiment with the format to learn your audience’s preferences on each social media application. You can use the best sites to buy Twitter followers, Instagram views, and other service packages to make sure that the right content reaches the right audience.

Share Discounts and Offers

Try to curate discounts, social media offers, and coupons for your audience. It is often a delight to your current followers and can help bring in new followers too. Some brands also post contests and giveaways with lucrative perks to get more sales and conversions.


Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness and engagement from your target audience. These tips will help your creative and marketing team to deliver content that your followers prefer.

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