9 Steps to Cleaning Up a Cluttered Living Space

9 Steps to Cleaning Up a Cluttered Living Space
3 years ago

Having a full house is everyone’s dream, thus, they end up bringing home every fine item that he or she gets from the store, friends, or even just have them for years due to sentimental value. What happens when these become more than you can house? Suddenly, you walk into your house and you feel instantly stressed, looking for one item frustrates you making you feel like you’re not in control of your environment and eventually life. That’s where junk removal comes into the picture. You can visit this page for more insight on this process.

A cluttered space is not safe for your health, both physical and mental, and something has to be done. Junk removal may seem scary and challenging, from where to begin and how to go about it. Trouble no more as below is a guide to take you through it:

Plan Out Your Decluttering Process

Finishing up the whole junk removal process in one day sounds just convenient and perfect, doesn’t it? However, trying to move everything all at once can be overwhelming and exasperating, making you give up before you even start.

Conduct a thorough scan through your house to decide what you need and what you do not. Set short-term goals such as one room at a time. When the workload becomes too much, rely on a Roll off dumpster rental Wilmington to help.

Place All These Items in One Place

Sweep through your shelves, drawers, and wardrobes. Put all the unwanted clutter in a bag such as a trash bag first. A clean one of course! Keep in mind that clutter is all items in your possession that add no value to you or your house. Take even the ones you are not sure of, you will decide on them later. Have them all in an open space in the room or your backyard, wherever you will be able to work peacefully.

Create a Checklist for the Items

Emotional attachment to certain or sometimes all possessions often hinders decluttering of one’s home. For this reason, you should come up with a checklist, in this case, ask yourself questions concerning the item. For example, do you need the item and does it even work? When was the last time you used it and why do you still have it? This will make your junk removal less problematic

Applaud yourself; you have already taken a great step towards freeing yourself. You can decide to sleep on it (the choices you have made), or, immediately move to the next step.

Sort Your Items Out

Separate your items into different piles. This is according to the system you decide to use. You can begin by sorting them into sentimental and non-sentimental items. Then start with the latter since it is easier. Further divide your categories into three: to throw, give or donate and finally to keep. Label the boxes accordingly. Throw the broken, stained, or outdated items, give or donate the ones you do not need, and keep the ones without which you feel you cannot do. Then organize the sentimental ones, careful not to confuse that with hoarding which is associated with mental health disorders.

Get a Storage Room

The items you decide to keep will need a storage solution. Filling up your garage is not a good idea, decluttering goes all the way. Find a storage room that will fit all your belongings and leave room for a little more. Label all your boxes well such as “family photos”, place the items separately in them and seal them. Neatly arrange your storage room for easier future access.

Deal With Lying Around Items Immediately

Things are prone to be left lying around after a clean-up. In addition, homeowners tend to leave others just in case they want them back in the future. Sort them immediately into those that need to be sold, donated, or thrown out and do so as soonest possible as this may create more cluttering.

Handle All Paper Clutter

Do not stack up all these papers into one corner and forget them. Try to organize all information on these papers and store them digitally so you can dispose of them such as those with contacts. Arrange the ones that cannot be tossed out in files and folders that are well labeled.

Clean Up the House

Removing these unwanted items from your house can and will be messy. Thoroughly clean up each space after you are done. This will help you feel lighter and at least see how far you have come, promising a tranquil mood in the outcome. Moreover, it encourages you to carry on with this de-stressing journey of self-love.

Maintain the Junk Removal Process

This is not a one-time job and you cannot finish it all at once. Make it a habit to at least clean up once a week or a month especially if you are living with other people. Monitor your habits and track your progress. If possible, for every new item you add, remove one.

Final Thoughts

Decluttering your house is both a physical and emotional journey. The goal is to accomplish this with minimal strain and effort possible. Purpose to not put too much pressure on yourself. Work in stages, room after room, and with time you shall achieve this. However, if the junk removal process proves to be too demanding, seek the help of friends or professionals to lessen the burden. Once you succeed, work as hard as possible not to backslide.


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