Complete Guide to the PD CEN/TS 16850:2015 Standard: Societal and Citizen Security. Guidance for managing security in healthcare facilities

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3 years ago

The standard specifies requirements for planning, establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and continually improving a documented security management system in healthcare facilities.

What is the PD CEN/TS 16850:2015 Standard for?

The new PD CEN/TS 16850:2015 standard specifies requirements for providing a secure, safe and protective environment in healthcare facilities.

It does this:

  • To provide clear guidance for those responsible for meeting the requirements;
  • To meet the needs of healthcare visitors, patients, staff, contractors and others who work in healthcare facilities;
  • To ensure the health, safety and welfare of all those who work or receive treatment in healthcare facilities; and
  • To ensure the security of property in healthcare facilities.

Is PD CEN/TS 16850:2015 a new standard?

No. The new PD CEN/TS 16850:2015 standard revises and replaces the current ‘Guidance Document for the security management system in healthcare facilities’ or ‘Guidance Document (GM)’ as the standard is also known.

What has been changed in the new PD CEN/TS 16850:2015?

The PD CEN/TS 16850:2015 definition of ‘security’ extends beyond the physical security to include the health security and the citizen/societal security.

The PD CEN/TS 16850:2015 holds new requirements for:

  • The privacy of patients, users and staff;
  • The protection of financial and personal data;
  • The effective communication of security risks; and
  • Recording systems and the handling and disclosure of patient information.

Who is the PD CEN/TS 16850:2015 standard for?

The PD CEN/TS 16850:2015 standard is intended for use by:

  • Organizations/people who ensure compliance with the standards – not the ‘certification’ itself;
  • Project managers who oversee new installation, redesign, or refurbishment of facilities – not the ‘certification’ itself;
  • Clinicians, service users and patients;
  • Effective security officers;
  • Appropriate external partners supporting the delivery of health services;
  • Efficient emergency services;
  • Local public authorities with responsibility for the health and safety of those in their jurisdictions; and
  • The general public.

The PD CEN/TS 16850:2015 is not intended for those responsible for the day-to-day management of facilities or security.”

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