Do Exit-Intent Popups Actually Increase Conversions In 2023

Do Exit-Intent Popups Actually Increase Conversions In 2023
2 years ago

If you’re running a business, you probably know that implementing new and more effective ways to improve conversion rates is one of the most important tasks.

Whether we want to admit it or not, exit-intent popups have turned into one of the most preferred lead generation strategies. Even though a lot of people may find them annoying, exit-intent popups can still significantly improve conversion rates.

Read below, to better understand what exit-intent popups can do for your marketing efforts in 2023.

What Is an Exit-Intent Popup?


Exit intent is about monitoring scrolling behaviors and mouse movements to try and detect when a website visitor is about to leave it. So, by introducing an exit popup form at the right time, you get the chance to re-engage visitors, converting abandoned carts into sales.

However, an exit-intent popup that politely asks visitors to stay when they’ve already decided to leave won’t help you. Creating more value for the visitor and having a clear message, on the other hand, can very well revolutionize your sales or the number of subscriptions to newsletters.

It often takes no more than a few minutes to set up the feature. What can take time is formulating the message which is something that shouldn’t be done in a hurry.

Implementation Makes a Difference

Having a bunch of popups all over your site and wishing to see positive results doesn’t count as a smart conversion strategy. A little more than that is needed. First of all, think of the offer you present and whether it justifies preventing visitors on their way out of your website.

Imagine a user who hasn’t found anything appealing on your website and decides to leave. If you anticipate them to suddenly sign up for your monthly newsletter because you make it unnecessarily hard for them to exit, they’ll get aggravated and you’ll end up being disappointed.

Now, imagine a different user who has clicked through to one of your blog posts via social media, meaning that they have shown a particular interest in a topic. Once they’re done reading the blog post, chances are that their next move will be to leave, unless you provide them with a reason to stay. In this situation, a targeted exit popup that offers some type of promotion or a free download related to your post makes perfect sense and this is the type of strategy you should come up with.

There are different exit-intent strategies you can try and below are some examples to give you some ideas:

  • On Product pages. A user has read about a product but hasn’t purchased it. Why? Maybe it was the price, so why not offer a discount?
  • Cart Abandonment. Visitors were about to pay but left. Here you can give them the option to save their shopping list for later.
  • Landing pages. If the message didn’t get through, try to be more precise and create more reasons for why they should choose you.
  • Running discounts. An option to consider is offering a discount. Give users their code, so they want to come back. And why not take the opportunity to get their email at the same time?

All of these exit popup strategies target interested users first, and then they turn their interest into a relevant offer that might stop them from leaving if something doesn’t keep them on the site.

Don’t Overlook Your Website Design


Even though they might serve a great purpose, exit-intent popups were never created to make up for a lack of effective page design. Keep in mind that your main tool for generating conversions is the actual content of your website. If you have a poor website design, know that an exit-intent popup will never work.

If you’ve ever been to a website and been attacked with popups all over, you probably left with a spammy and terrible impression. Effective exit-intent popups should only appear once per visit and the content on the page should always be relevant to the page and intent of the user. For this reason, make sure to focus on the content of your website as the primary method of conversion.

In Closing

It’s easy to have popups all over your site but it’s important to be strategic when using exit-intent popups if you want to increase conversions. If you’re just using them to make up for any failure of your website, you’ll end up doing more harm than good. So, make sure to create quality content, and good web design, and then think of what benefits additional technologies like exit-intent popups can bring to your brand in 2023.

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