Essential Safety Tips for Overhead Crane Operation

Essential Safety Tips for Overhead Crane Operation
3 years ago

Overhead cranes are an essential piece of equipment for various construction jobs. They make it possible to lift heavy loads and transport things to and from different areas. However, it’s important to understand that cranes are a potential hazard. Fortunately, we have a list of essential safety tips for overhead crane operation that can help you.

Read Operator Manuals

Before operating an overhead crane, it’s essential to read the operator manual. Cranes from different manufacturers have unique controls and features, and anyone operating one should have a comprehensive understanding of the specific crane they’re using. The operator manual includes important information like operator controls, load capacities, and safety mechanisms.

Always Inspect the Crane

A crane operator must inspect the overhead crane before using it for any project. Faulty heavy equipment is a safety hazard to operators and other workers. Therefore, thorough inspections are necessary. In addition, a pre-use equipment check is also a vital part of the regular maintenance of an overhead crane. This is because the operator can confirm if the crane is in good condition.

Confirm the Load Weight

Before lifting any objects, crane operators need to confirm the load weight. Next, confirm the capacity of all equipment such as rope, slings, and hardware. Also, check the crane capacity. When you confirm the load weight and crane capacity, you ensure that the overhead crane is ready to handle the load.

Clear Obstacles During Travel

Prior to traveling with the crane, it’s vital to create a clear path. Overhead cranes can strike obstacles, fall, and become a safety hazard to workers and structures in the area. In the case of obstacles that can’t be moved, like power lines and permanent structures, operators should avoid those areas. In addition, a signal person should lead the crane during travel to alert the crane operator about potential hazards.

Communicate With Workers Around You

Along with clearing obstacles, it’s critical to communicate with workers around you. Warn all workers in the area before you operate the overhead crane. A signal person can help warn them that they need to move. Doing so will ensure the path is clear of workers and obstacles. It’s also critical to never lift loads over anyone.

Overhead cranes are an important piece of equipment on construction sites. They can lift heavy loads and transport things. However, if operators don’t handle cranes properly, they become hazards to everyone working nearby. We hope our list of essential safety tips for overhead crane operation was helpful to you.

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