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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Home Office Paper Shredder. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Aurora AU1640XA Anti-Jam Pull-out Basket Shredder

This product was recommended by Robert Banks from MrStocks

I like using this shredder as this is portable and very convenient to use.. The bin can hold a huge capacity making it less time to remove the shredded papers in it. It also has a see-through window that makes it easy to determine whenever I already need to empty the bin aside from the indicator LED lights on top. I can easily shred paper up to 16 sheets and even CDs and other cards. One great feature is this shredder can be used continuously for up to 30 minutes giving you enough time if there’s too much to shred.

GoECOlife GMW124P-Wht Limited Edition 12-Sheet High Security Microcut Paper Shredder

This product was recommended by Aviad Faruz from FARUZO

The best thing about this Shredder is that it’s compact and still reliable at the same time. It doesn’t occupy that much of your office space but works its function right through. Also it’s not as expensive as the other shredders, but delivers a paramount quality as well. Now that people are more mindful of spending, this one here is a good catch for its price. It’s also Climate pledge friendly making it a great choice if you are an environmentalist too.

Bonsaii 14-Sheet Office Paper Shredder

This product was recommended by Heather Welch from Ukulele Tabs

You’ll notice that this isn’t one of the cheapest options on the market. The truth is, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a paper shre der – but opting for the cheapest one on the market, according to my experience, will likely lead to disappointment. I’ve previously used two different paper shredders that were cheaper than $50 – and they do not really handle as many sheets at a time as claimed. In fact, one ended up breaking just one week after I bought it. After getting the Bonsaii shredder, I’ve been shredding 14 pieces of paper easily – plus I can leave the staples in, and it still goes through smoothly.

AmazonBasics Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

This product was recommended by Zac Houghton from Loftera Limited

Take control of your personal information with this AmazonBasics Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder. This shredder features cross-cut blades that cut paper into pieces measuring 3/16 x 1-27/32 inches, noiseless operation, an 8-sheet automatic document feeder that can hold letter or legal-size documents, and a pullout bin that holds up to 5 liters of shredded material. It also includes auto start and auto reverse for one-touch operation. The crosscut design allows you to reduce your documents into small pieces that are ideal for destroying sensitive information, protecting your identity and preventing identity theft.

Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Home Office Shredder

This product was recommended by Susan Melony from Unbreak Yourself

This portable home office has the capacity of 6 – 24 sheets depending on the buyer’s preference because it has a wide range of choices. It has a capacity of 3.8 gallons as the minimum. This shredder has thermal protection which can make you safe against overheating, has a manual reverse solution for paper jams, and can shred credit cards, paper clips, and even staples.

Aurora AU1230XA Anti-Jam 12-Sheet Crosscut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

This product was recommended by Lynda Le from Polish Perfect

Aurora’s paper shredder is high-quality and is very solid. It works impressively in shredding multiple pages. The speed and noise level are almost the same if you’ll shred a single sheet to up to four pages. Aurora’s Anti-Jam 12-Sheet Crosscut Paper and Credit Card Shredder is a powerhouse. The weight is reasonable for a home shredder and is a good thing so it can hold better since it’s made with sturdy materials. Not only can it shred papers, but also credit cards, in one!

bonsaii Paper Shredder

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

This is the best all-purpose paper shredder for a home office with up to four minutes of continuous running time and forty minutes cooldown. The cross-cut paper shredder has a maximum of six sheets shredding capacity that shreds paper into tiny particles of high-security grade to safeguard your information. It has a 3.4 gallons wastebasket that you don’t have to empty frequently and a transparent window to let you see when it is filled. You will enjoy its convenient handle design and advanced functions such as the autostart and manual reverse.

Fellowes Powershred 99Ci 18-Sheet Capacity, 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

This product was recommended by Christina Giaquinto from Modular Closets

This paper shredder is compact in size and has a lot of reason that sets it apart from the other paper shredder. A few specialties are that it does not jam, 23liter capacity, self-sense, and 14sheet output. It is a bit pricey

Fellowes 3103201 Powershred W11C

This product was recommended by Akshay Chaudhary from Smartworths

This cross-cut model is powerful (it can shred up to 11 pages at once) and easy to use, but it’s the additional safety details that have received high praise from customers and make it one of the best shredders for your home. The safety lock is large, easily visible switch which disables the machine when turned on. It’s a great feature if you’re using the shredder in a home with kids or pets

WOLVERINE High-Security Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

This product was recommended by Akshay Chaudhary from Smartworths

This paper shredder machine has an amazing 60 minutes run time and a 6-gallon waste bin capacity. It can handle 18 sheets of paper at once, as well as tougher items like credit cards and CDs. The shredding is quite unlike other models. Overall, it is a great fit for office use.

Aurora AU800SD Professional Paper Shredder Without Wastebasket

This product was recommended by Akshay Chaudhary from Smartworths

This compact shredder can be used with any size trash can — including extra-large options — thanks to its no-basket design. It comes with a self-regulating heat feature which turns it off if it’s getting overheated. The compact design is an added advantage if you are short of space in your office or home.

Fellowes Microshred 62MC Micro-Cut Shredder

This product was recommended by Maciej Kubiak from PhotoAiD

I can generally recommend Fellowes brand, but the Microshred 62MC Micro-Cut Shredder is what I tested by myself. In my opinion, it’s a Buy It For Life product, as a reputable brand makes it. Because I don’t want to disturb my family while working at home, I appreciate its quiet operation. Moreover, the safety lock ensures that nobody will be injured. However, those benefits are just a bonus to the quality of its work.

Powershred 12C15 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

This product was recommended by Demi Yilmaz from Colonist

The most impressive part about this shredder is how silent it is. Even at maximum capacity, it still manages to get the job done quietly which is great for a home office. Aside from that, this nifty gadget can shred for up to 20 minutes at a stretch which lets you deal with all your unnecessary paperwork at one go. The fact that it can be emptied easily is another added perk.

Bonsaii C149-C Paper Shredder

This product was recommended by Mike Nemeroff from Rush Order Tees

The 60-minute shred ensures documents are thoroughly vanquished and runs a lot quieter than you may think. It takes up to 18 sheets at a time so even if you have large quantities to get through this device makes the whole endeavor a breeze.

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