Eye Care Tips for Employees to Protect Their Eyes at the Office

Eye Care Tips for Employees to Protect Their Eyes at the Office
2 months ago

The working world has become much more digital over the past few years, and staying plugged in is more important than ever. However, long hours of looking at screens for work can negatively impact your eyes, which is concerning considering that over a billion people worldwide struggle with untreated vision impairment. In the UK alone, around 2.28 million individuals struggled with vision loss in 2020, which has likely increased since then.

Vision issues can affect the quality of your work, productivity, and even your career opportunities. Being unable to see clearly can increase your struggles at the office, and many of these additional challenges can be prevented with the right care and vision correction. Practising eye care at work is essential for protecting your eyes and maintaining visual clarity and comfort. Here are a few tips for employees to protect their eyes at the office:

Get prescription glasses

Some people put off getting an eye exam or visiting an optician to check their eyes, be it due to a busy work schedule or not believing they may have vision problems. Finding the right pair of glasses can correct your vision and make work and daily life much easier. Prescription glasses can help you avoid situations like being unable to recognise important clients, read small text, or follow and take notes during meetings and presentations. Glasses can offer clear sight to help you complete your tasks efficiently and stay focused and productive at work.

Oakley’s selection of glasses offers great options, as they utilise the latest lens and eyewear technology to provide comfortable lifestyle frames. The Spindrift and Centerboard frames are sleek and professional-looking and are ideal investments since they’re high-quality and durable, making them last longer. Choosing your glasses based on your face shape can also help enhance your look by flattering your features, which can help you look polished and presentable in and out of the office. You can also opt for blue-light lenses if you work in front of a screen.

Relax or exercise your eyes

Focusing on your work is ideal, but it’s also important to know when your eyes need a break. Staying conscious of your eyes can signal when it’s time to look away from the screen and help your eyes relax. Doing so can ensure more comfort and clarity that won’t get in the way of your work.

When practising eye care at work, make sure to blink often. People blink around 15 to 18 times a minute, but blink frequency can decrease by up to 66% when looking at a screen. Blinking helps distribute tears across your eyes, keeping them lubricated and preventing dryness. You can also do simple eye exercises throughout the day. Rolling your eyes in circles, focusing on near and far objects, and stretching your eye muscles can help your eyes recover. The 20-20-20 rule can also help make breaks more regular; this rule involves looking at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

Choose the right monitor

Long hours of screen time can lead to computer vision syndrome (CVS), which can involve painful headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, and eye muscle tension. Adjusting your screen’s settings can help, but if possible, finding a monitor made with eye care in mind can help reduce eye strain and keep your eyes comfortable during working hours.

Electronics brand ASUS offers a wide range of monitors equipped with ASUS Eye Care Tech, which includes low blue light, flicker-free tech, anti-glare panels, and ergonomic design. The ASUS BE27ACSBK 27” 1440P Video Conference Monitor is fine-tuned for business and offers a plethora of video conference tools for virtual meetings. Creatives can benefit from the ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27” WQHD (2560 x 1440) Monitor, which comes with features like Calman-verified colour and adjustable colour parameters. The Eye Care Tech allows for a pain-free experience while working, reducing eye strain and other common CVS symptoms. Talk to your employer if making arrangements to equip the office with monitors that have eye care tech is possible so that everyone can enjoy a visually comfortable working experience.

By incorporating these simple tips into your workday, you can protect your vision and maintain comfortable, focused sight throughout your office hours. Discussing eye care concerns with your employer can also help improve conditions and equipment in the office. They may be able to provide ergonomic adjustments, screen filters, or other solutions to create a more eye-friendly work environment.

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