How Can Different Industries Benefit From IPTV/OTT Streaming Platforms?

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2 years ago

The video streaming industry is on the rise. Viewers and companies turn to IPTV/OTT services – viewers are looking for entertainment or education, and companies obtain an additional source of revenue. Both parties benefit from video streaming services a lot.

Viewers turn to services like Netflix due to their convenience and flexibility. For example, video streaming platforms are available on many devices, and people can view content on any gadget they have.

Moreover, there is no schedule (if we are talking about on-demand video streaming platforms). People can access the service when they are in the mood for that. They don’t need to wait for a video to air.

And viewers appreciate that IPTV/OTT operators offer different payment options. For example, some services offer to pay for a subscription once a month or a year. Other services provide viewers with the opportunity to pay for a video they want to watch now. And there are services that don’t charge a fee at all. They generate revenue by allowing other brands to advertise on their platform.

So, we understand how viewers benefit from using video streaming services. But how can different industries benefit from them? Let’s observe. But first, let’s talk about industries.

What industries can benefit from an IPTV/OTT platform?

Hulu and similar services can create an impression that IPTV/OTT video streaming platforms are only for the entertainment industry. But it is a mistake to think so.

YouTube is a great example. It seems like all industries create their video content and share it on YouTube. There are governments, churches, universities, colleges, health, fitness, sports, gaming, and other field specialists. They all can have a video streaming platform and receive a lot of profit.

Universities create their platform and share videos with valuable knowledge for free. Even an MSO platform is not a rare thing.

So, what are the benefits of video streaming platforms for different industries?

#1 – You can build strong relationships with your viewers

You share your content by answering people’s questions about your product or service or giving them valuable information from your field. You communicate with viewers via videos and comments to videos. They get to know you and your brand.

People understand that they can ask you questions, and you will answer. So, you become an expert in the field. And you get to know your viewers. By communicating with them, you can learn more about their worries and problems.

You will understand their live values and interests deeper, which will help you enhance your content and be closer to viewers.

Video streaming for government can be beneficial. The government’s actions are often in question. Many people will be glad to ask authorities for feedback. So, a video streaming platform can help them be transparent.

#2 – People stop using cable television and turn to IPTV/OTT services

It is true. More and more people around the world cut the cable cord. Traditional television does not offer as many opportunities as internet-based video streaming services.

Moreover, it operates only on one device – the TV set. And it requires viewers to wait for a program to air. It is difficult to binge-watch all episodes of a favorite series.

Also, cable or satellite television subscriptions can be five times more expensive than the subscription to an IPTV/OTT service.

As a result, online video streaming platforms are gaining popularity. More businesses are launching their services. Often, they start from YouTube, grow their audience there, and then announce that they are moving to an IPTV/OTT platform.

#3 – IPTV/OTT service can help spread your name

Your brand name can become well-known due to a video streaming platform. People all over the world can access your content due to a CDN – content delivery network.

CDN is a network of servers distributed across the globe. When a user requests a video to play, it is transmitted not from the original server that can be located in another country, but from the server that is located closest to the user. The video is streamed faster with low latency, and the user gets a smooth viewing experience.

You can reach more people around the world.

Don’t forget about content translation and localization. If your purpose is to cover as many people as possible, you should add subtitles in different languages to your videos.

Final Thoughts

All industries can benefit from a video streaming platform. They can build strong relationships with customers, spread their name, and increase revenue by monetizing video content. Moreover, people will likely appreciate your new platform because it is more comfortable to watch videos from many devices.

If you want to create a video streaming platform, we recommend you contact Setplex. They will offer an IPTV/OTT solution to meet your goals.

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