How Can You Help Your Friend’s New Business Venture?

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2 years ago

It’s never been easy to run any kind of small business. But, due to the rise of the e-commerce platform, today’s tensions, frustrations, and uncertainties are even greater, given the amount of competitiveness that business owners face regionally and internationally.

Staying up to date with technology, improving commodities or services to changing demands, managing staff, or handling the business on their own have become significant hassles for most small businesses.

You want to do everything you can as a buddy of a new small business owner to be helpful so you can assist your friend to prosper. Even if they are friends, not everyone can afford to invest their own money to maintain someone in the business. But there are many ways to show support when your friend is starting a business. This post will delve deeper into how you can support your friend’s new business.

Purchase From Them

If your buddy’s business sells something or provides a service, buying anything from them is terrific to show encouragement. This is applicable if you can afford it; it is not a requirement. Buying something you don’t want only to make a pal feel like you are showing support is not a clever idea.

If you don’t need it, don’t buy it; promoting their offering will help their business grow more than your one-time purchase will. For example, if your friend’s firm is a printing company and you don’t require anything printed, put in a word with your business colleagues about your friend’s new venture.

Make use of Your Social Media Platforms

In-person referrals are incredibly effective, but they are bound by the number of individuals you see daily. You may reach a much more extensive network of individuals who recognize and trust you by using social media to spread the news.

Pause for a moment to give a review or connect with the material on your buddy’s business’s social media profile. You must be thinking that you are not a terrific wordsmith, aren’t you? Like and sharing on social platforms help them rise in the ranks and become more visible to others.

When You’re Networking, Keep Spreading the Word

Even if you don’t require the service or product your friend is giving, others may do. Word-of-mouth recommendations are extremely useful in assisting businesses in attracting customers, mainly because potential customers regard individual referrals as far more trustworthy than other forms of promotion, such as commercials or unknown online reviews.

Also, don’t limit your networking attempts to professional environments. Giving your friend’s brand a shout-out for someone in the marketplace is entirely acceptable whether you’re at a social event, conversing with coworkers at the office, or in another casual situation.

Simply Show up as a Friend

Life can be demanding at times. Consider how stressful it would be to manage a business on top of that. It’s simple to see how a little “buddy time” can help someone who is feeling a little worn out.

Simply letting your pal know you’re available — for a spa treatment, a cup of joe, or simply to talk over the phone or chat online — can be enough to get them through a particularly difficult moment. It’s also a terrific method to form deep friendship relationships that can make you feel more bonded.

Final Thoughts

Every year, the majority of individuals make resolutions to better their life. Make it a point to support your buddy and their new venture this time. As you can see, there are many ways to show support when your friend is starting a business.

Strong friendships are always worth developing, and you don’t have to break your budget to encourage your friend’s small business. It only takes a little time investment, and anything you contribute will mean a lot to them.

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