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Without balance, we lose life energy and endurance in difficult situations. We run the risk of exhaustion when we don’t care about ourselves. We risk our self-esteem when we don’t care about external obligations. This article discusses how to balance your life when you are a working mom.

The first principle is “have your own life.” Various parts of your life complement each other but do not overlap. Each part of your life meets different needs. For example, at home, being active with children or doing home tasks, you rest from work. While working, you take a break from your children and home. When doing your hobbies, you take a break from the rest. It is critical to practice the ability to leave other things behind the door when you move on to another part of life.

The second principle, equally important, is to set your priorities. When you know what is important to you and why it is also easier for you to choose and let go of all the things you lack time or energy for. Choosing one is often giving up something else. Knowing and implementing your priorities and values, you also define your goals. It gives a lot of strength and a sense of SENSE.

The third principle that follows from the second is letting go. A day has 24 hours for everyone, and it is the only fair, equally distributed thing in the world for every human being. You can perform a certain number of activities within 24 hours. Often, we want more than can fit, which causes anger and frustration rather than improving the quality of life. Letting go is a skill that you can practice. It often means being satisfied with stopping at “good enough” instead of “perfect.” The key to balance is joy and peace coming from feeling good enough.

Every mother deals with a million matters related to children and the home every day. When you add professional duties to it, your head can boil quite soon. That is why it is so important to throw everything out of your head. Save it on a piece of paper, in a planner, calendar, or application, and come back to your notes when the time is right. If in the evening you remember something to do at work, write it down on a piece of paper and come back to it the next day, when you are in the office. If you remember at work that you don’t have milk in your fridge, put it on your shopping list and take it out when you are in the store.

The worst thing you can do is grind through all the smallest tasks and think about them all the time. In this way, you make it difficult for yourself to focus on the moment and the task at hand. You are more distracted and waste energy unnecessarily. Plus, until you write down, you won’t see how much actually needs to be done. Keeping everything in your head sometimes makes even the smallest things overwhelming.

Finding a balance between being a mom, working life, and hobbies is possible if you accept the fact that all activities in total can only be 100%, not 150 or even 300%. We often impose too high demands on ourselves. The point is to honestly answer the question, “What makes me happy in life?” and strive for it.

Even if you devote less time to the baby because of work or hobbies, most likely it will not suffer at all. It is especially true due to the best baby formula from Germany that allows mothers to leave the babies with fathers, grandmothers, and other people they trust for a longer time. Your child will watch the happy mother who pursues her passions. Less time spent together can be of much higher quality than being constantly together.

Can a working mom have free time? Yes! She must have it. Everyone needs rest. However, it is women, especially mothers, who often have trouble setting time only for themselves. It seems to us that free time is a reward we deserve when everything is done. Nothing could be more wrong. As the working time is 8 hours with a break, breaks are also necessary for childcare. Will a toddler benefit from spending much time with a frustrated and tired mother? If you need a rest, ask for help from the baby’s father, someone from the family, a friend, or maybe a friendly neighbor. Take a relaxing bath, go for a walk, for a coffee, and spend some time enjoying your life. Refreshed, you will return to your daily routine with more verve and willingness, and, most importantly, smiling!

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