How to Change Your Lifestyle? 3 Golden Tips!

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2 years ago

How to change your lifestyle? Sometimes it seems so simple. We change something about ourselves, and we think that our lives are really going to be different. Until we find out it takes more. Discover the 3 golden tips that will take you to the next level!

Lifestyle types: How to Change Your Lifestyle?

Everyone has their own lifestyle – consciously or unconsciously. One sports a lot, another prefers to read and another travels all over the world. In my opinion, you can best describe the different types of lifestyles by dividing them into four areas. I call these the four G’s.

Lifestyle Part 1: Money

Your work plays a central role here: financial security, financial freedom and financial independence. Are you satisfied with the work you do? Do you think you earn enough money? And how important do you think it is to work and think about your financial independence? If you feel that your financial resources are limited and you do not have enough time to develop them, you can enjoy playing roulette mobile and making amazing profits. For example, if you bet on red with $100, you will have an odds of 50% to earn an additional €100.

Lifestyle Part 2: Health

This part has everything to do with exercise, nutrition and relaxation. What grade would you give yourself on exercise? Healthy food? And relaxation?

Lifestyle Part 3: Happiness

This part is about family, friends and fun. How would your relationships with other people be? Do you value family and friends a lot or less? And what kind of cool things do you do?

Lifestyle Part 4: Growth

This last part focuses more on your personal growth: your habits, time management and knowledge. Do you have many positive habits? Are you managing your time effectively? And what about your knowledge?

Lifestyle Examples Based on the Four Species

You can describe and determine your lifestyle based on these four types. Here are a few examples from my lifestyle:

· Health: get up at 6 a.m. every morning

· Money: Being an online entrepreneur

· Happiness: value quality more than quantity in social relationships

· Growth: planning a lot of time for myself

Note: these are just a few examples. You can shape your own lifestyle based on these examples. Suppose I take the example about ”money” from the above examples. As an online entrepreneur, I, therefore, choose a lifestyle where I have a lot of freedom, but also a lifestyle with fewer “real life” relationships.

Every rule you make with yourself on the four lifestyle types determines your lifestyle. Make the right precepts with powerful affirmations.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle With These 3 Golden Tips

Do you want to change your lifestyle? Whether you want to change your lifestyle in the field of weight loss, food, sports, work or another part. In my opinion, there are three important building blocks to change your lifestyle:

1. First your mindset

Everything starts with a thought. What are your thoughts on your current lifestyle? What would you like to change? And then comes the key question: how do I change my lifestyle?

Write your thoughts on paper. What is your mindset? Do you believe you can change your lifestyle? Or are you in doubt? Doubts lead to worrying behaviour. Worrying leads to uncertainty and insecure people do not act. It then becomes difficult to ‘do’.

Work on a positive mindset:

· Surround yourself with inspiration. Read inspirational books, listen to motivational audio files and stick positive quotes in your room.

· Surround yourself with positive people. Which of your friends are positive? Who does not complain too little? Find people around you who inspire you.

· Design inspiring goals. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve in the coming year? This week? And today? Review your goals and take action on them every day.

2. Develop Positive Habits

You can be so positive, but taking action is another story. It’s not about what you know. It’s about what you do with what you know. The second tip is perhaps the least known tip.

Ninety-five per cent of our behaviour consists of unconscious behaviour. Those are our habits. We can walk, cycle, swim, talk and drive without thinking. If you want to change your lifestyle, you will have to work on healthier and more positive habits.

The more positive habits, the more you develop your own lifestyle. You can change habits by consciously taking time for them every day. Think back to your first driving lesson. You had no idea how to drive. By repeating, repeating and repeating a lot, you can turn any action into a habit.

Develop good habits and overcome your procrastination:

· Start with one habit. What habit would make the most impact on your lifestyle if you changed it?

· Make a plan. What do you need to change? How can you develop this habit?

· Make a daily plan. What can you do daily to create a new good habit? Start today. Small changes lead to bigger results in the long run than we think. Developing a healthy lifestyle starts with behavioural change.

3. Everything Stands & Falls With Discipline

Practice makes perfect. You repeat your own behaviour by forcing yourself to do the exercises that are necessary. We call that discipline. You don’t just do it when you’re comfortable in your own skin. No. Just when things aren’t going well for you, keep going.

Discipline creates your lifestyle. It is the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be. The bridge to change.

Train yourself in self-discipline:

· Take daily action. Get started. Start. Take that first step.

· Do your daily activities for at least 1 minute a day.

· Measure your daily action. For example, use the discipline chart from ‘The magic of 1 minute’ with which you can measure your discipline on a daily basis.

How Do I Change My Lifestyle in Everyday Life?

We often think that there is always more to change ourselves. So we read another book, listen to another audio tape or do another research on the internet. Somehow it stops. ‘Doing’ is all that matters.

Stop reading articles and start applying the three golden tips. Write out the exercises that belong to the tips. And start. That’s the only thing that really counts.

Do you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Then work every day in small steps towards this goal. This book has helped me immensely in optimizing and changing my lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle may seem simple. It also takes a lot of time, patience and discipline to draw up and maintain this. Do you want to discover step by step how you can continue to develop a healthy and positive lifestyle?

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