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MetaTrader5 is one of the great platforms you can use for online trading in different markets. This is the universal option if you want to operate in different financial markets at the same time and want to get a more diverse experience. The structure, as well as the interface, is quite easy to navigate but it still requires enough experience to get more effective steps. The platform is from MetaQuotes which owns MT4 too. MetaTrader5 is the developed, new version of MT4 which is different from the previous version with Forex and includes different markets for trading.

You can start trading with FX as well as with different CFDs, stocks, and other markets. This journey becomes more effective with different helpful services and a high-quality customer support system that provides the best level of safety too. You can get expert advisors, create a relevant and effective trading portfolio and catch the global trends more easily, in time. Also, this platform is for everyone.

The developer company uses advanced technologies which makes it possible to use MetaTrader5 from Windows as well as from Mac. In this article, we will be more focused on the Mac OS downloading process, which is very easy to follow but before that, let’s take a look at what MetaTrader5 is all about.

Everything You Need To Know About MetaTrader5

As we mentioned before, MetaTrader5 is the new version of MetaTrader4 which was released in 2010. Even though it has been more than a decade, it still remains one of the leading platforms for trading in different markets. During this long period of trader experience, it is more considered the platform for experienced traders and not the best option for beginners. This is because it is more difficult to use compared to MetaTrader4 which only covers the Forex market.

In total, MT5 includes more than 80 different tools. The main specialty of these platforms is fully connected to the market analytical tools. The great design of tables, charts, and different diagrams creates a possibility to make a very deep market analysis for any need. There are more than 100 different data charts available to use.

As we said, the developer company is a very user-oriented company, which means that they prioritize safety and comfort as the primary indicator. MetaTrader5 is supported by mobile devices, which is great for those who want to increase their trading access and time as possible. So you can simply use the MT 5 app for Mac as well as for other devices. For safety, they use 21 different safety frames for every single market. The diversity is for order execution types too. More specifically, you can select between the exchange, instant, request, and market order types. These types are available for every type of user.

On the other hand, with plenty of options to make the trading process as customized and comfortable as possible, there are different technical indicators that you can develop by yourself. This one more time outlines how user-friendly the MT5 is. Also, it is oriented to be maximally transparent with its informative side. This is why there are available Expert Advisors which are the best to find every needed strategy or guide for a more effective trading experience. It also allows you to do a more detailed market analysis and develop your trading performance.

With this technical convenience, you can have different accounts and easily switch between different accounts. It will not cause any problems. And the formal specialty of MetaTrader5 is that you have an opportunity to use a financial calendar service. This is great advice to take and make your trading more profitable.

Guide For Those Who Want To Install MT5 On Mac OS

If you think that installation of such a platform, which is full of hundreds of charts and tables, will be difficult, you are wrong. There is nothing special about the downloading and installation process of MetaTrader5 on Mac OS. For the first time, you need to download the official version from the website and then start creating the account on the latest version.

Go to your PlayOnMac folder to find the downloaded file and start the installation process. It will be more convenient if you move the MT5 icon to the app folder.

After that, you can follow the instructions and finish the installation where you are already able to log in to the existing account or create a new one. If you do not have an account, it will not take a long time to have because all you need is general information about yourself. For that, you need to write your name, surname, and detailed data about contact and residence addresses.

You need to read the terms and conditions, accept them, select the training market, your currency, leverage, and confirm your account. Remember that you need to verify your user account to be able to have full access to platforms’ services.

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