JavaScript for Startups: Why It’s The Right Decision

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3 years ago

 All things considered, JavaScript is one of the best solutions for startups among different programming languages because of its frameworks, tools, and libraries that are continually developing inside the JS world & community. Working closely with JavaScript experts, I decided to ask them and write about reasons why do startups and businesses choose JavaScript for their new products?

First of all, JavaScript is a cutting-edge evergreen innovation. From browser language, JavaScript has figured out how to turn into a huge ecosystem of modern instruments for coding. It shows consistent improvement towards consummating the innovation and offering new advancement openings. With JS and its functionality, you are allowed to assemble anything you need, be it a website, a SaaS platform, a mobile app, Windows/Mac/Linux application. Wondering about chatbots or IoT applications? Software product development company can help you with it!

Secondly, JavaScript has always been famous for its development speed. Sometimes code can be extremely long. However, by picking the JavaScript framework for your startup, you can decrease the number of lines fundamentally.

Indeed, the speed of JS advancement is known not just by its performance but as well as by its various frameworks and libraries. By keeping modules and lines of code clear, you can save many hours on the development processes. Choosing JavaScript for a startup additionally permits you to utilize a similar innovation for both frontend and backend, which guarantee much faster communication.

Furthermore, of course, you’ve heard something about the “hot reload” feature, which lets you change and modify the code when it’s already running.

Another interesting point why startups choosing JavaScript for their new products is the fast recruiting and onboarding process. JS is known as one of the really easy programming languages to learn. Considering an amazing pool of JS engineers around the world, you can establish a JavaScript team anywhere in the world that will fit the needs of your project.

Regarding tech recruitment and hiring JavaScript startup engineers, there normally are three alternative choices: build an in-house team, cooperate with freelancers, or outsource to a dedicated web development company. Since three of these models have their pros and cons, you need to decide which one is fitting your businesses the most.

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As JavaScript is suitable for backend and frontend, you have a universal full-stack team. As a result, in the case of crises, you don’t need to onboard extra developers. Your teammates will be able to handle everything by themselves. Additionally, senior-level staff can onboard junior developers what saves time and allows to provide newcomers with quality and practical knowledge sharing sessions. What can be better than mentorships from people that are closely working with technologies you are willing to learn?

One of the most common reasons why startups are choosing JavaScript is that this programming language allows you to move quickly due to reusable experience. What am I talking about? You can use JS in various projects such as web apps, mobile native apps, IoT solution or even cloud (or server-side) solutions. As a result, developers saving a lot of extra time by reusing the same JS components, libraries, packages, and modules for different types of projects.

Much of the time, a chance to apply third-party integrations are also viewed as one of the fundamental advantages of JavaScript for startups. For example, you can easily integrate video frames, social media tools (like share options, comments from Instagram, retweets), or other features that your startup needs.

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To sum up, we can say that JavaScript is a perfect solution for new products an startups that will attract many investments and funding. The fact that even after 25 years JS is widely used proves it’s significance and importance in the world of technologies.

Remember, it does not matter if your project is for Windows or Linux, is it a cloud or server-side solution, is it a blockchain or IoT idea… JavaScript will lead you to success in any way.

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