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Someone likes .NET Core, while others prefer Node.js. And often there are disputes about what to choose. Therefore, today we will understand this.

.NET Core and Node.js both have their pros and cons, and each gets better with every release. When it comes to choice, the goal of the project is the deciding factor. Many people prefer to immediately turn to professionals, or rather dataxdev – outsourcing java development services.

What is the difference between Node.is and .Net

Node.js (see official site) is a framework that reached version 5.5.0 after a difficult path of fork and reunite the code and development team to write server-side JavaScript applications.


The code is executed using V8, a JavaScript engine developed by Google that boasts excellent performance both in the browser and offline. Since 2009, the year of the project’s birth, Node.js has attracted extraordinary and growing interest, and many prestigious companies use it extensively for various web services.

But what are the reasons for this success? Node.js is a server-side technology with an event-based asynchronous I / O model that is especially suited for JavaScript programming and web applications.

A common procedure for running a server application, written in PHP, for example, involves scrolling through a series of instructions that often involve calls to external services such as queries to a database, or access to the file system for read and write operations. All of these events are blocking, which means that script execution stops until it receives a response from an external component requesting it.

Thus, the web server spends most of its time waiting for blocked processes to finish, which leads to a noticeable inefficiency in the use of available resources.

Finally, the NW.js project combines Node with Webkit to create desktop applications for various platforms (Mac OSX, Windows and Linux), starting from a single source, developed using web technologies.

Let’s talk about .Net

.NET core was born as a framework technology inherited from ASP (Active Server Pages) and based on the .NET Framework giant Microsoft, in turn, surrounded by Mono and Unity. The essential difference between this new technology and others currently available on the market is that the above operates on the main server, integrating through compilation rather than interpretation, as native software might do. As a technology, not a programming language, as many might think, the NET core accepts a variety of coding techniques, including the well-known Visual Basic, C #, C ++, and Java.

There are many areas of application of the NET core. As a modern and high-level environment, in fact, this technology is used to build websites, applications and databases. NET core portability isn’t just limited to the NET Framework, but also to Xamarin and Mono. To summarize, the NET core is revolutionizing the way websites and applications are built with an implementation system that is equivalent to the desktop application system.

Distinctive features of the new ASP NET core

Overall, the new technology has four distinctive features: open source, cross-platform, cloud-optimized, and modular. This is not the first time Microsoft has approached the open source universe, but it is undoubtedly the first time it has done so for a technology of this magnitude by making the source code of the application support libraries publicly available. Another big step forward is the focus on the cloud and multi-platform, which the NET Framework lacks. In fact, the .NET kernel already natively supports Windows, OSX 10 and some Linux distributions such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Oracle Linux, as well as other CPU architectures. Last but not least, it is the modular structure of this powerful new technology. In fact, unlike the NET Framework, the NET core can only select the libraries needed to support the application, optimizing the time and available space on the server.

The choice is yours and should be based on your needs. However, Node.js. and Net. Core have their own advantages and features.

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