Remote Team Building Platform by Steamed Egg Hits 7,000-Guest Milestone

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3 years ago

The London-based startup Steamed Egg, offering virtual team building games for remote working teams, has hit a new milestone – having successfully served more than 7,000 guests on its platform since its 2018 inception. 

Steamed Egg provides an online virtual team building experience for remote teams to connect through, including such fun activities and games as “This Time It’s Personal” – a collaborative quiz where players are tested on how well they know one another and “Are You Pulling My Leg”, where players tell a personal story to the opposing team, who has to decide whether this is true or a lie. 

These virtual games can help teams to get to know one another and connect, even when physically miles apart, conducted through video conferencing. 

Steamed Egg was founded in 2018 by Jason Leigh. The virtual games are offered as a fun and unique way for working teams to engage and have fun together, which has been especially sought after during the past year’s spread of coronavirus and the isolating, yet necessary, restrictions that have been implemented as a result of this. 

Founder Leigh comments: “We had the understanding about what was needed to create fun, interactive experiences for teams who were stuck at home during the pandemic,”

“Prior to the pandemic we used to go to offices such as Amazon, Sky and Deliveroo to showcase our games and get employees wearing our reality headsets. We even featured on ITV’s This Morning with Phil and Holly and got them to use a virtual headset and walk a virtual plant.”

“When covid hit and the lockdown happened, we went back to the drawing board and came up with a totally new experience. Within a month, we were primed and ready to share our new games with teams through remote video conferencing tools. We just cannot use the virtual headsets for covid reasons, but we’ll definitely be bringing these back.”

Team Building With Steamed Egg During COVID-19

Like many businesses, COVID-19 had put pressure on Steamed Egg to evolve – and evolve it did, adapting its offering brilliantly to better accommodate to the social distancing and remote working restrictions that have been implemented throughout the past year. Leigh furthers his comments:

“Steamed Egg believes that laughter is the best medicine for your team’s isolation blues. It is proven to strengthen relationships and reinforces your team’s sense of unity.”

“Our focus is to help your staff unwind, have a good time and get to know each-other better. Getting up and running is very quick with our 5-step programme.”

“With Steamed Egg, the main event is a game show called Yolking From Home! […] It’s a take on a 70’s TV game show and includes six unique and collaborative games, which will be new to anyone playing them.”

The cost for Steamed Egg’s virtual team building offering can vary, based on how many players will be joining, as well as the number of games you would like to play. Steamed Egg can accommodate to up to 180 players, many teams opting for a typical 2-3 games, taking up an average length of 75 minutes.  

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