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If you’re planning on making any renovations to your business premises this year, you may want to start with the bathroom. For many business owners, the bathroom is just a place to get clean, but by putting some extra time and effort into it, you can make your bathroom not only attractive but also convenient and much more energy efficient. The average cost of a bathroom renovation isn’t actually that expensive and worth it if you are thinking about upgrading anything for your employees.

Here are five reasons why you should give your bathroom a makeover this year.

1. The bathroom is often neglected at work premises

In many business locations, bathrooms are one of the last rooms to get any sort of upgrade. But if you’re looking for an affordable way to freshen up your space and improve your quality of life, investing in some minor renovations is probably just what you need. Even small fixes can make a big difference—and these upgrades are likely simpler than you might think! Here are five reasons why it’s time for your bathroom to take center stage

2. Bathrooms are great places for a quick upgrade

most projects are relatively cheap, but often have huge payoffs. They’re also easy and exciting for DIY types because of how quickly you can turn them around—and how easily your friends will notice. Whatever your reason is for wanting to renovate your bathroom, take these five tips into consideration first! Each point below represents an easy way you can make an impact in your bathroom with little effort or money involved. You could even try one or two on one weekend and see how they go before taking on anything more substantial. Ready? Let’s get started!

3. Bathrooms are a reflection of y our company

According to Remodeling Magazine, an estimated 84% of home buyers consider your bathroom when looking at houses. That number is even higher among younger people looking for their first home. A new bathroom can be a great way to attract buyers or increase the value of your own house. If you’re trying to sell, replacing old fixtures and giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint is an easy way to make it look more modern and updated. And if you are planning on sticking around in your current home for awhile, renovating can give you access to better resale value than if you were just selling as-is.

4. A modern bath can add value to your home

What’s not to love about renovating? Not only do you get to make over a neglected area of your home, but you also improve its value. Renovating can increase resale value by 8%, according to Zillow. Additionally, bathroom renovations have one of the highest return-on-investment ratings in home remodeling (nearly 43%!). So whether it’s just for yourself or if you plan on moving soon, giving your bathroom an update can be well worth it. You may even enjoy your new bath so much that you don’t want to leave it!

5. Improving energy efficiency in your bathroom

Most of us turn on all of our lights every time we go into our bathroom. While it’s great that you want to see what you’re doing, it may be worth your while to consider investing in new lighting. LED lighting lasts longer than other types and uses significantly less energy, which makes it perfect for bathrooms. It will not only save you money on electricity but also help reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, make sure you use low-flow showerheads and toilets whenever possible—another energy saver!


Why should I renovate my bathroom?

Before you begin renovating your bathroom, it’s important to ask yourself why you are doing it. Is it because of health concerns? Do you want more space? Do you need better lighting? Take some time and consider these reasons before making any changes in your bathroom. If possible, get input from your family so that everyone can enjoy their new bathroom space for years to come. Think about where everything should go and what kinds of changes will have the biggest impact on everyone who uses your bath space. These are all things that you should take into consideration before making any big investments.

How often should bathrooms be renovated?

Just like you refresh your closets every year, it’s important to update your bathroom with an eye toward function and style every 3-4 years. While there are no industry standards for how often bathrooms should be renovated, waiting longer than that can make daily life uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy. When renovating your bathroom, consider making changes in all three spaces: from top (the shower head) to bottom (the toilet seat).

Is it worth updating your bathroom?

When we moved into our first apartment, our landlord promised us that new countertops and fixtures would be installed before we moved in. We thought that was very nice of him, but it turned out he didn’t have any money set aside for it so they had just simply never gotten around to it. When I asked my husband if he wanted to change them, he just shrugged and said Why? They’re not ours. That’s when I learned an important lesson about improving your home: do it for you. The only person who has control over how your space looks is you. Other people are unpredictable (and will probably grumble about spending money) but you can make changes when—and however—you want.

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