Standards to Reduce your Business Costs

4 years ago

BS 8544:2013

  • Asset owners, facilities management teams, project managers, architects, engineers, surveyors, local authorities, financiers.
  • Gives the most up to date specifications on undertaking lifecycle costing of maintenance during the in-use phase of facilities or constructed assets.
  • Occupies buildings, systems, assemblies, components, tasks/actions, resources and materials.
  • Provides guidance and recommendations on the planning and prioritization, budget-setting, optimization, implementation and monitoring of life cycle programmes of maintain /renew works.

BS ISO 14007:2019

  • Guidelines for determining environmental costs and benefits, whether cost benefit analysis or comparative assessments of environmental costs and benefits are used
  • Provides guidance on when to use environmental cost and benefit analysis (ECBA)
  • Explains when it is appropriate to use ECBA
  • Provides clarification of what goes into a non-monetary valuation
  • Acknowledges that the methodology used in monetary valuation can be quantitative or qualitative
  • Has recommended references, including a list of organizations that specialize in conducting ECBA

BS 95009:2019

  • UK public sector procurement can be improved.
  • This standard is a simple tool for improving public sector procurement by simplifying the tender process, reducing duplication and making it easier for smaller organizations to access.

BS ISO 20400:2017

  • Supply chains can have a big impact on performance and reputation, can contribute to organizational responsibility and can be viewed as part of the organizational responsibility.
  • This standard is intended to support organizations in using their influence to help their supply chains act more responsibly and sustainably.

PAS 7000:2014

  • It provides a robust and repeatable approach
  • It’s suitable for all organizations regardless of size or location
  • It helps mitigate risks and reputational damage

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