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The 5 Most Stupendous Office Chairs For Sitting At Desks

Sit best while in front of your desk.

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Whenever you want to (or more accurately, need to) get some work done you need your behind comfortably seated in front of the desk you regularly work at. Pretty straightforward stuff, but guess what? You can upgrade the whole experience with a conscious choice.

Staying seated is necessary for working efficiently for prolonged periods of time for most professional occupations. You’ll probably have to do it at some point, so better do it sitting on the best office chair for the job. Choose an office chair you can sit comfortably in, even when not working. Choose only the best office chair for sitting at a desk.

#1 Rosmarus Ergonomic Office Computer Chair

Rosmarus Ergonomic Office Computer Chair
Who suggested this product?
The Rosmarus Ergonomic Office Computer Chair was recommended by Mack Dudayev from Chance Realty LLC. You can find out more about Mack Dudayev here or read their product recommendation below.

People often overlook the little components of your work environment without realizing how much they impact the overall success of your business and work ethic. When it comes to office chairs, it took me some time to realize just how important this is to my overall productivity and well being. Personally, sometimes I spend up to 14 hours a day sitting in front of my computer.

Which means that there is a direct correlation between my quality of health and the efficiency of my work. After a few trials, my favorite chair hands down is the Rosmarus Ergonomic Office Computer Chair. Originally, I purchased this chair because I started experiencing lower back pain on a daily basis. One of the reasons I love this chair so much is because of the full body support that it provides; starting from my neck and ascending all the way down to my sacrum.

I feel like it adjusts to my spine as I move around and my back issues have fully dissipated since I made this investment in my future. Aside from the physical benefits and overall functionality, it looks pretty cool for an office chair.

#2 Kore Designs Office Chair

Kore Designs Office Chair

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Who suggested this product?
The Kore Designs Office Chair was recommended by Sukie Baxter from Whole Body Revolution. You can find out more about Sukie Baxter here or read their product recommendation below.

The Kore Stool is perfect for anyone who spends the majority of their day sitting. Its rounded bottom creates a wobble effect that forces you to keep leg and core muscles engaged. This introduces more movement into your day even when you’re desk bound and keeps your back healthy by strengthening core muscles. I recommend Kore Stools to clients as a fix for the hunched backs, rolled shoulders and head forward posture that come from sitting in traditional chairs.

#3 Ergonomic Mesh Office Desk Chair

Ergonomic Mesh Office Desk Chair
Who suggested this product?
The Ergonomic Mesh Office Desk Chair was recommended by Ryan Jones from Advanced Commercial Interiors. You can find out more about Ryan Jones here or read their product recommendation below.

We all spend far too much time sat at our desks, more than we should be! If having a sit/stand desk for your office is not an option, then I would highly recommend this INTEY Ergonomic Office Chair. This provides the maximum comfort and ergonomic adjustment for you to sit comfortably at your desk for hours on end. Of course, you still need to get up and take breaks from time to time. But if you are on a limited budget, and still want to be able to sit in comfort, this is the chair for you.

#4 Fern chair by Haworth

Fern chair by Haworth
Who suggested this product?
The Fern chair by Haworth was recommended by Cory Porteous from Office Interiors. You can find out more about Cory Porteous here or read their product recommendation below.

Haworth combined ten years of ergonomic research to create the Fern chair. Fern has a unique edgeless design that allows the chair back to provide the appropriate support to all of your back while still retaining the flexibility to move with you as you change posture.

To replace the plastic edge band, the Fern relies instead on a flexible central stem and fronds that mimic those of a fern plant. These fronds are configured to deliver the right level of support to each part of your body without restricting movement in the way a plastic edge band would. Ridding itself of the hard plastic band that is typical of task chairs means provides a more comfortable, and ergonomic, sitting experience.

The Fern also comes loaded with all of the ergonomic features you would expect of a excellent task chair including lumbar support, four-directional arms and upright back-lock.

#5 KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair
Who suggested this product?
The KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair was recommended by Nader Nadernejad from Nadernejad Media. You can find out more about Nader Nadernejad here or read their product recommendation below.

There’s a cool story behind this one! This beast of a chair was gifted to me by a client in the gaming industry and wow – it’s comfortable, has a 360 swivel and has an electric massager. I sometimes want an excuse to do more work just to sit on this giant chair. This chair is so comfortable, even my 150lb Mastiff dog likes sitting in it too!

Who contributed to this article?

Mack Dudayev from Chance Realty LLC

Sukie Baxter from Whole Body Revolution

Ryan Jones from Advanced Commercial Interiors

Cory Porteous from Office Interiors

Nader Nadernejad from Nadernejad Media

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