What are Some of the Best Crypto Trading Strategies to Explore?

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2 years ago

If you have made the decision to start trading cryptocurrency, it is an exciting time. This digital-only currency has come on in leaps and bounds lately to emerge as a viable asset to put money into. As with any asset, though, it is key to know what you are doing first before diving in.

Checking out the OKX cryptocurrency list daily to gauge the latest coin prices is worthwhile, for example, as is carefully selecting which platform you will trade crypto on. Another key thing to get on top of is the trading strategy you will use. This is important because it helps make it easier to spot trading opportunities and gives you a solid, organized method to use when active in the market.

But what are some of the best strategies to discover?


When it comes to top crypto trading strategies, scalping is worth some consideration. This strategy basically involves opening up crypto trades for very short periods of time (a few minutes at most) and capitalizing on price moves in your favor as soon as they happen.

This is a strategy that is not only pretty easy to understand and implement but also carries low risk. Scalping is also a popular strategy to follow because it is easy to automate for robot trading software and comes with the potential to make a decent profit. Although you might only be making small profits with each winning trade, they can soon build up over a day or two.

Range trading

Anyone into their IT knows that having a dedicated IP address is a must – and the same is true for crypto trading strategies. Another cool strategy to think about using is known as range trading. This involves scanning crypto price charts to highlight coins that are trading in a set range (ie between stable support and resistance levels on the chart).

If this happens, range trading sees you opening up a trade at the relevant support level and selling at the range’s resistance level. But why is this a popular approach to take for investors? As with scalping, it is pretty simple to grasp and not that hard to implement. Range trading also offers greater certainty compared to other strategies because you are fairly sure the price will stay within the identified range.

Technical analysis strategy

Many crypto investing experts like to go with a technical analysis trading strategy. This involves using a variety of tools offered by your trading software of choice to evaluate current market conditions and also predict where the market might head next. Once this is done, you can place the appropriate trade that your analysis supports.

The exact technical tools you use to perform market analysis varies between traders. Some swear by the MACD indicator, while other will go with Bollinger Bands, stochastics or RSI indicators. The most important thing is to know what the indicator you use is showing, and know how to interpret this to make accurate predictions. The advantages this strategy offers are that the tools themselves are easy to use – they help you to trade from a purely factual viewpoint and can help you to get on big moves before they happen.

Fundamental market analysis strategy

This strategy sees you looking at the latest market sentiment and crypto news to gauge where a coin might head next. Fundamental analysis strategies take in the latest financial and political news generally, as they can have an impact on crypto prices as well.

The basic way to implement this strategy is to get up to speed with all the latest news at the start of each trading session. This can be from the TV, print media, social media or online new sources. Once you have got to grips with this, you can use the data to predict where the price of any coins might head next. Combining this with chart analysis to double-check your thinking is also wise. The benefits of this strategy are similar to technical analysis in that it is not too hard to understand and it can get you ahead of major market moves.

Top crypto strategies to explore

It really is worth taking time to find the best cryptocurrency trading strategies to explore. Doing this means you are investing money in a planned, organized way – rather than merely gambling. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, though – different traders will favor different approaches, based on their own preferences. The best thing is to find out the various options available and select the one that works for you.

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