Amazing Startups in Education (2020 – 2021)

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The education sector was transformed in 2020 thanks to rapid technological advancement. The COVID-19 pandemic forced learning institutions to shut down temporarily and shift to online learning in a blink of an eye.

Due to this, there was a growing demand for educational products in the digital world. Since this shift created a remarkable opportunity, vice-chancellors started investing lots of money into digital educational products that would lead during the transformation.

There are lots of amazing opportunities out there with the power to help millions of learners across the world adjust to the new way of things. Each startup has a unique approach that brings a clear vision into the world of education. As a student, you’ll be happy to know more about these products. Using these products will make it easier for you to get good grades without having to exert lots of energy. Here are the best startups in education 2020 – 2021.

Kide Science: Science is a play

The Finnish startup led by a lady was founded back in 2017 by a scientific researcher, entrepreneur, and science teacher. The learning model integrates imagination, story, play, and science for students to have a profound experience.

The startup is aimed at helping children aged between three and eight years. The startup offers several playful scientific lessons, video guidance for teachers and parents, and an online platform. Last year, the startup raised €1.5 million in funding to expand in different nations across the world. Today, they are present in most of the schools around the world.

Immerse: Transforming report writing in the English language

Language learning and virtual reality have come together through the Immerse startup. This platform together with Writix allows students to develop and practice report-writing skills with an organized learning experience. Using your computer click to find more about report writing service and use Immerse to learn English using Avatars to help write my report and explore different themes. Immerse was launched three years ago. In addition, it completed their investment on series A recently. After a whole year of school shutdown and distance learning, their products have always been timely. At a time when isolation keeps everyone safe, giving all learners this connection is extremely important for mental health and learning. Using Immerse, getting good grades is easy. You have to be willing to invest a lot of time and energy to develop this essential education skill. Try it today!

ABA English: Experts in video

ABA English was the leader in the language arena in the digital world long before learners shifted to online learning. It was founded back in the 80s and they have always focused on improving video lessons. Their offerings have evolved together with technology. And this has kept them at the top position in the language learning area.

ABA English app integrates technology, improved and unique video technology, and human interactions with certified tutors and teachers to improve the English language. The product has won twice at the Reimagine Education Awards over the last five years.

Differ: A safe way for learners to connect

The edtech startup was founded back in 2015 to boost social inclusion in colleges and make it easier for students to connect and make new friends. On campuses embracing social distancing in 2021, the virtual socialization option will be timely like never before. Apart from improving the learner’s experience, the app’s data shows that social inclusion boosts learning engagement and reduces the rate of dropouts.

The app has been designed to allow students to communicate with the tutors and a chatbot for the group and informal one to one chats. It allows students to find students with hobbies and common interests in communities. Educators can use it to open informal lines and create course communities together with students.


Edtech has been transforming the field of education and the concept of an educational institution for years. The education sector is on the rise and releasing impressive innovations every day. Educational experts have ensured that students don’t stop learning even in the middle of the pandemic. Technologies will continue to be introduced in the next few years as reported by experts.

As a student, you should be open and flexible when it comes to the use of apps. Apps will not only ease your work but also enhance your effectiveness. There are lots of great apps out there to help you get good grades and achieve your overall goals. Each app has an amazing approach and brings with it a unique vision in the digital world.

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