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4 years ago

Technology can save hiring managers 60 or more hours per open role, on average, and also reduce bias early in the hiring process. The company (humanly) focuses on positions that have high resume volume and turnover, such as customer success or sales roles.

Humanly Website

Why you need Humanly for your company?

Lower costs with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is Humanly’s strong point – they’ll save you tens of thousands on consultants by using AI to make recruiting fast, smart and seamless.

Constant client feedback.

Humanly is committed to continuously improving their product, and we rely heavily on client and candidate feedback to help them do so.

Powered by state of the art AI & data science.

With comprehensive personalization and recommendations powered by AI, and an embedded chatbot, we give you the best candidate insight into your company’s needs.

Works across your office, your home, and everything in between.

Within minutes, your team can be using Humanly to communicate with candidates wherever they are. Use Humanly in the office, on the go, and from your home.

Introducing the future of recruitment.

How can their technology help?

Screening – where a candidate applies for a job online – they can read, scrape, and pull data from the web, from across a social media network or even a company site. They ingest it into a database and begin to build a model of what a successful candidate looks like.

Humanly integrates directly with existing tools like applicant tracking. 

If you can figure out how the two are going to work together, it’s an easy process. Their tools work anywhere and everywhere you’ve got an applicant tracking system

Humanly clocks a candidate’s sentiment and ranking against every step of the hiring process, adding predictive data to your sourcing strategy.

They minimize any workflow changes.

Referrals – The screening technology works across a vast number of sources, including social media. It’s also now able to read through resumes and job posting descriptions and pull information out that’s relevant to the role.

Greater levels of automation – Humanly can identify who you want to talk to. The process of inviting candidates to a call often takes a human being 30-60 minutes, humanly can drastically reduce this. They get a workflow in place based on their understanding of what the company needs. It can eliminate the more laborious and repetitive parts of the process.

Benefits of Humanly over conventional recruitment software?

Identify candidates from pre-screening to phone screen, and utilise software with powerful segmentation and reporting capabilities.

Humanly assists companies in streamlining their recruitment process.

You want to communicate with candidates in the ways you choose, not how the system dictates.

As an example, you can create a custom “in-application” chatbot experience that is consistent across your company, or you can send customized messages to candidates on social media.

You want most of your candidates to actually answer your questions rather than ignoring or failing to complete them.

Learn more about humanly or buy their offering here.

The Humanly team

They’re a mix of technologists and recruiters whose market leading product and innovation landed them on the prestigious Y-Combinator accelerator in 2020.

Prem Kumar

10 years in product at Microsoft, and 2 years at HR SaaS startup TINYpulse as Director of Product. HR/leadership blogger for SHRM, Thrive Global, Addicted2success and Techstars mentor.

CEO/Founder @ (Y Combinator W20) | HR/TA Tech Leader/Speaker | Mentor | Helper | Dad | Eagle Scout

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Andrew Garner

10 years sales and management experience with early stage tech startups. Over a year at HR SaaS startup TINYpulse as global account executive, working with SMB – Fortune 500 companies.

Co-Founder @ (Y Combinator W20) Helping to bring together people & automation in hiring.

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