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SOC (Security Operations Centre) Analyst Courses

The job covers everything from responding to immediate security requests and incidents to management of threats and vulnerabilities as they develop. … The most effective SOC Analysts will have likely learnt key skills on Security Operations Centre focused Courses.

Security operations centre (SOC) analysts need to quickly respond to incidents or security issues as they happen and decide how to react based on real-time data feeds from all around the organisation.

Increasingly, SOCs have moved towards automated patching, SMS alerts, and network security appliances to respond to network threats. SOC analysts also respond to security incidents, crimes, or breaches in almost an instant; SOCs have an importance of near real-time response.

A SOC Analyst will need to be able to identify, monitor and assess security events as they emerge and be able to communicate their findings to appropriate individuals or teams.

What is SOC training?

Learning how to respond to a real-world security incident takes time, and a bigger qualification is only going to help.

This piece will look at the basic roles and skill sets which you will need to get a job in the security operations centre and the best way to become one.

In the SOC, professionals use the information from various security information and event management (SIEM), security management and analysis platforms to monitor systems, incident and attack patterns, and fraudulent activities. A SOC is the nerve centre of a security operations centre. The SOC provides a platform for security operations activities to take place including planning, monitoring, analysis, and mitigation responses.

Typically, a SOC will employ representatives from various departments from within an organisation. For example, there will be a representative from the engineering team, risk and compliance, incident management, legal, the organisation’s security team and others.

It’s important to note that ethical hackers report directly to the SOC.

The SOC needs to be able to identify, monitor and assess security events as they emerge and communicate their findings to appropriate individuals or teams.

An SOC analyst will need to do more than just log events and review security policies.

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