TikTok Marketing Tips for Flower Businesses in New York

TikTok Marketing Tips for Flower Businesses in New York
2 years ago

As you might already know, TikTok is among the most popular social media platforms for advertising on the planet right now. While it is mostly frequented by the younger generation and celebs, the social app has over the last two or so years turned into a bouquet of opportunities for brands and marketers alike to promote their products.

And flower businesses are not an exception. If you run a flower shop in New York – where business can be rather competitive, here are a few TikTok marketing tips you could borrow.

1. Make a TikTok about Gorgeous Blooms in New York

This can help you showcase the beauty and richness of the floral industry in New York, which your target audience is likely to best relate to. From Central Park to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, there are plenty of places in NYC with gorgeous blooms that can make a perfect background for your TikTok video. What’s more, there’s a good chance your audience will also read the captions, so you can drop a link to your website, or even your florist’s contact details in there.

2. Borrow Inspiration From Larger Companies

If you’re a small business looking to expand your reach in New York, a little bit of research and brainstorming could come in handy. Take a look at the websites and social media pages of well established New York flower delivery services to see what they offer to their prospects and clients. You can even order some of their best flowers (perhaps the ones you may not have) to give your TikTok videos a pop of color while providing value to your TT followers.

3. Showcase Your Arrangements on TikTok

Looking for a more low-key option to promote your New York flower business? Showcasing your arrangements in TikTok videos can be a great move. Just make sure your video offers enough contrast, so the pictures and video will be properly detailed and pleasing to the eyes.

4. Use the Appropriate Hashtag

If you’re looking to scale your TikTok marketing efforts up a notch, you’re going to need a bit more creativity. In this case, you will want to make use of the appropriate hashtag.

While some marketers have to fight their creative senses to be able to stick with the rules, most of them will lean towards using hashtags that are commonly used across social media platforms. Hashtags like #Florist, #TikTokForFlowers, and #floristsocial can make sense, but keep in mind that your audience will understand that a bit better if you #hashtag your videos using ‘New York,’ ‘flower shop,’ and #tiktok.

5. Share Tips for Using Flowers in Home Décor

Marketing flowers on TikTok takes more than just posting great video clips and slide shows. Go the extra mile and provide some tips on how to use blooms in décor. Think about teaching how florals can be used in decorating a home office, a bedroom, the living room, or even the dining area.

And that includes how to arrange them! However, make sure not to overload your followers with unnecessary tips.

6. Consistently Create Fun Content and Stay On-Trend

TikTok indeed has a tendency to be a little more on the lookout for innovative content. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make some good use of them. Like with most other platforms, being on trend is one of the best ways to boost your TikTok marketing efforts.

With the rising popularity of flower photo filters and frames, it’s even more important than ever to put a few of your flower creations to work for some quality TikTok views. Don’t forget to make your content fun and keep your posts consistent.

And there you pretty much have it! A few easy ways to create some unique content on TikTok that will help promote your New York flower business. Considering that the platform is currently the second most popular social media platform in the US, you can be sure that you’ll be able to make some quick bucks out of it, too.

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