20 Best Image Editing Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about image editing ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best image editing podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Image Editing Podcasts 2021

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Breathing Color Blog

  • Publisher: Breathing Color Blog
  • Total Episodes: 10

#AskBC is a printmaking podcast from Breathing Color. We discuss all aspects of fine art printmaking; giclee, coating, printers, media types, stretching and framing, image editing, workflows, RIP’s, and the business side of fine art printmaking. Regular discussions with industry experts as well as answers to user submitted questions.

Geographies of Psychoanalysis

  • Publisher: Lorena Preta
  • Total Episodes: 4

More and more, psychoanalysis has to deal with cultures different from that belonging to its foundations and initial diffusion and with the problems posed by the transformations of the contemporary world. The intent of Geographies of Psychoanalysis is to draw a map of the psyche that takes into account the interconnections and differences that occur in a now globalized reality The focus of this first cycle is the problematic theme of death in different cultures and religions, and the ways of dealing with it in the event of the pandemic. This podcast series is created by Lorena Preta and the Geographies of Psychoanalysis group. Editing by Massimiliano Guerrieri. Podcast Image: William Kentridge, North Pole Map, 2003

A Spoon Full of Theory

  • Publisher: Ben Gaskell & Jeni Nelson
  • Total Episodes: 9

A podcast sharing facts, theories and stories about wellness and mental health. Every first Monday of the month Ben and Jeni invite friends and colleagues to chat about what they’ve found interesting from the past, present and future of ‘wellness’. Share your facts, feedback (keep it clean) and support on twitter @ASpoonFull_ . Archive episodes available on Mixcloud.com. Special thanks to Becca Gaskell (@becca_gaskell) for editing our podcast. Theme music: Mid-Air Machine – ‘Streets of Sant’Ivo {107 & 4/4}’ – under CC BY-SA 4.0. Available on freemusicarchive.org. Images: Unsplash.com, Logo and Design: Molakoe.com Disclaimer: This podcast should not be used in place of the support and care of an appropriately qualified health professional.


  • Publisher: wgcompsci
  • Total Episodes: 7

Hello Everyone! This podcast will feature weekly discussions covering everything computer science. Topics include: game design 2D and 3D using Unity3D, Web Design topics including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and Apache webserver, Android Application Development, computer programming with Java, C# and C++, video/audio and image editing, and so, so much more. New episodes will be released weekly on Sunday evenings. Subscribe and join in on the newest topics related to computer science and information technology! OUR SECOND SEASON BEGINS AUGUST 16th, 2018! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wgcompsci/support

Highsnobiety: Capturing NYC with iPhone: Special Event

  • Publisher: Apple
  • Total Episodes: 4

iPhone photography experts from Highsnobiety show you how to capture NYC and share editing techniques that turn your photos into amazing images.


  • Publisher: Dwala Prince
  • Total Episodes: 1

Image editing


  • Publisher: Thabo israel
  • Total Episodes: 1

Lessons on Image editing

Creator’s Crunch

  • Publisher: Nichana Miller
  • Total Episodes: 6

This podcast offers tips and advice for content creation on platforms life YouTube and Instagram. It will talk about video and image editing, graphic design, and overall achieving the goal of captivating an audience.

E-commerce Image. editing Services

  • Publisher: Graphiital
  • Total Episodes: 1

This podcast is about Graphiital introduction.We provide Graphics Design and image editing services.

Clipping Path Service

  • Publisher: Clipping Path
  • Total Episodes: 2

Hey there, I’m Shelley. I’m a project manager living in United States. I am a fan of design, photography, and arts. I’m also interested in entrepreneurship. We are most popular clipping path service company because we provide services in the worldwide especially in the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Australia, Italy and many more. We expert in photo editing, photo retouching service , color correction, drop shadow, image masking, background remove, and more.

Communication Commandments

  • Publisher: pod617 – The Boston Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 6

The podcast with the write stuff. Join Kim Calvi and a host of compelling guests to explore how to make one’s writing style proper and powerful. A presentation of Boston Edits. Learn more at www.bostonedits.comKim Calvi helps her clients in professional services capitalize on their brand image for their services, by emphasizing what makes them better and different through content development for all media platforms, from blog writing and website copy, to marketing collateral, to networking profiles, by employing copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading skills, as appropriate.

Spirit Warrior Podcast

  • Publisher: Beth Sturdevant
  • Total Episodes: 12

Welcome to the Spirit Warrior Podcast; conversations featuring raw and inspirational stories of triumph over tragedy, overcoming adversity, and the healing process that often accompanies positive change, growth, and finding inner peace. Join Beth Sturdevant and special guests as they discuss how they turned their painful experiences into positive transformations — for themselves, and the lives they touch. *TW: The conversations and content in these interviews may contain triggering events involving personal trauma, and at times, the recounting of upsetting experiences or disturbing imagery. Listener’s discretion is strongly advised. Support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/spiritwarriorpodcast/ Follow socials: https://www.facebook.com/spiritwarriorpodcast/ www.instagram.com/bethsturdevant.spiritwarrior/ Beth’s website and healing practice: www.bethsturdevant.com [email protected] Zach Porter, Audio Editing & SWP Co-Producer: www.porteraudio.com [email protected] www.instagram.com/porteraudio/

Channeled Meditations by Marisa

  • Publisher: Marisa
  • Total Episodes: 6

My podcast is about tools and practices to cultivate self love and for self realization. These meditations are channeled: I get into a high vibration, close my eyes, and I start to record as images and sensations come to me. No editing. Enjoy being transported into another dimension!


  • Publisher: FRAUD (Audrey Samson & Francisco Gallardo)
  • Total Episodes: 5

📡 EURO—VISION 🛰 the podcast.  A series of weekly podcasts that compile conversations with activists, scholars, fisherpeople and artists, hosted by FRAUD, around the politics of extraction, migration and international agreements that are affecting communities and ecologies on a global scale and that perpetuate European colonial legacies.  Speakers include:  📢  Prof. Adekeye Adebajo, Director of the Institute for Pan-African Thought and Conversation at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. 📢  Dr Epifania Akosua Amoo-Adare, Artist, Architect and Independent Scholar based in Accra, Ghana. 📢  Dr Nishat Awan, Artist and Architect, Principal Investigator of Topological Atlas, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. 📢  Prof. Liam Campling, International Business and Development, School of Business and Management of Queen Mary, University of London, England. 📢  Dr Jennifer Telesca, Assistant Professor of Environmental Justice in the Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies at the Pratt Institute.  📢  Prof. Peo Hansen, Political Science, Division of Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO), Linköping University, Sweden. 📢  Prof. Stefan Jonsson, Ethnic Studies, Division of Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO), Linköping University, Sweden. 📢  Dr Ndongo Samba Sylla, development economist at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Dakar, Sénégal. FRAUD is an artist duo (Audrey Samson & Francisco Gallardo) Original music by Frédéric Laurier Sound editing by Kitty Turner Images by Francisca Roseiro EURO—VISION (https://euro-vision.net) is an art-led enquiry that explores the extractivist gaze of European institutions and its policies. The relationship between international relations, trade, economic policy and military operations come into focus through the lens of 🇪🇺  🪨 Critical Raw Materials 🇪🇺 ⚒️ In 2008, the European Commission adopted the Critical Raw Materials Initiative, which defined a strategy for accessing resources viewed as imperative to the EU’s subsistence 📘 📄 Resources criticality is measured according to supply risk and economic importance 📊 📈  Policies are thus drawn up to ensure the continued availability of materials deemed critical. Such policies have led to agreements guiding the biological and geological exhaustion of the Global South 🌎🌍🌏 The current list, revised in 2020, includes 30 materials, including Cobalt ⚙️  Rubber 🌳 Phosphate 🪨 and the newly added Lithium 🔋 and Titanium 🦾 EURO—VISION focuses on the inscriptive operations of such initiatives, such as the establishment of Free Trade Zones 📦 FTZs 📦, fisheries partnerships agreements 📄 FPAs📄, and de-risking investment tools like public-private partnerships 🔖 PPPs 🔖 Partnerships (https://empathyrevisited.iksv.org/en/project/42-partnerships) was produced as part of the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial—Empathy Revisited: Designs for more than one, organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, & curated by: Mariana Pestana, Sumitra Upham and Billie Muraben. This public programme has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Council England and Acción Cultural Española. This project originated as a collaboration (https://www.kcl.ac.uk/cultural/-/projects/euro-vision) between King’s College London’s Department of Digital Humanities and artist duo FRAUD, brokered and supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s in partnership with Somerset House Studios.

Phototalk With Stylonylon

  • Publisher: Julia Rebaudo
  • Total Episodes: 14

A weekly podcast for photography lovers and learners discussing image creation, editing and sharing with a focus on Olympus Pen. Tips and trips, special guests, taking great photos and editing to create the perfect image.

Calvary Chapel Old Bridge en Español

  • Publisher: Pastor Lloyd Pulley
  • Total Episodes: 94

Calvary Chapel has been formed as a fellowship of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and be conformed to His image by the power of the Holy Spirit. Learning more of Him is another expression of our faith. As we seek Him through His Word, we continually discover that He is more wonderful than we imagined. Learning more of Him leads us to put less confidence in ourselves and trust more in Him. The messages included in this podcast have been translated by our Spanish Ministry in real-time with no editing. While the message is very similar we cannot guarantee a perfect translation due to the limitations that instant translation poses.

Tutorial podcast – Pixelmatortutorials.net

  • Publisher: PixelmatorTutorials.net
  • Total Episodes: 6

Learn image editing the Pixelmator way


  • Publisher: Steve Rotter
  • Total Episodes: 20

Discussing movies, comics and the Joker Heath Ledger impressions. I love audio recording and editing, Photography, Video production, Guitars, Music, Movies through everyday life and thoughts. I’m honest and speak my mind, comical but real, just check it out. I use this podcast as my venting board and to help others with various things. Recorded in my recording studio or while on the go. www.rotterstudios.com – www.rotterimages.com

Brendan Ó Sé: Meet the iPhone Photographer

  • Publisher: Apple
  • Total Episodes: 4

Brendan Ó Sé, winner of the 2015 MIRA Mobile Prize discusses the stories behind his images, shares tips, and his favourite photo-editing apps. Hosted at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.

Emmanuel Cole: Meet the iPhone Photographer

  • Publisher: Apple
  • Total Episodes: 4

Popular iPhone photographer Dan Rubin is in conversation with East London street photographer Emmanuel Cole, who discovered photography when he picked up an iPhone three years ago. Hear them discuss the stories behind their images, and learn about their favourite photo-editing apps and tips. Hosted at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.

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